United Young


We are a community of people who follow Jesus.

We believe the Christian life is a life rooted in Jesus, lived out in community.

We believe community happens when people meet one another in Jesus.

We want to help you meet other Christians.


We are building an iOS app to help you meet others in Jesus.

We believe our faith gives us a radical approach to technology.

We see the app as a starting point, not the destination.

The destination is Christian community.


  1. 1. Jesus is before all things (and in Him all things hold together).

    Who do you say Jesus is? This is our central question. It confronts us with our identity. This question frames every profile and action within the app.

  2. 2. In Jesus we are united and equal.

    Our identity in Jesus changes everything, including how we see and interact with one another. We relate to one another as being equal recipients of justification through grace alone. Jesus calls us and equips us to love and serve one another.

    Within the app we have no concept of friendship requests that can be accepted or denied. In Jesus we already find ourselves eternally accepted and united as sister and brother.

  3. 3. We are intentional about building relationships (not status, nor an audience).

    We are not social media. We are not a publishing platform. There are no audiences to be targeted. There is no posting. There is no mass communication.

    There is only intentional one-on-one communication with one simple goal: meeting one another in Jesus.

  4. 4. We are not a popularity contest.

    In Jesus we die to ourselves. We die to our ego. Likes, upvotes, follower counts, friend lists, and social status are dead to us.

  5. 5. We seek to build an open community of trust.

    All profiles and communication within the app are open and visible to the whole community. This openness is an invitation to join each other in conversation, to celebrate the richness and diversity within the Christian community. This openness battles exclusivity and promotes accountability.

    In order to foster authentic community and vulnerability, the community is closed off from the general public. All members are encouraged to invite people they know and trust into the community. Members are held accountable for those they invite.

  6. 6. We are in it for the long term.

    We want to see Christian community flourish. We believe the app should be sustainable for the long term, and we want to cultivate it with integrity. You should not be the product. We refuse the common path of funding this endeavor by selling your data and distracting you with advertisements.

    Instead, we ask for a small one-time fee covering each member to keep the lights on. But! As we believe it is better to give than to receive, you cannot pay your own fee. Whoever invited you to the community has already paid your fee. Therefore, you can only pay it forward, sponsoring those you choose to invite.